C Note Reflects On Toxic Relationships In New Single “Cross Roads”


“This is for the friends that call you right back when you walk out the door”

No matter your age or gender you’ve probably been heartbroken at one point in your life. This can be particularly painful and challenging to deal with. A more challenging aspect of this is coping with the stress that comes with it.

C Note in her first single of 2019 titled “Cross Roads” externalizes the experiences of anyone who has been heartbroken or being in a toxic relationship while highlighting the importance of self-love and friendship.

C Note

Opening the song with vivid imagery capsulizing disappointment and regret, C Note rhetorically inquires “Never thought he will be breaking your heart, never thought you will be falling apart / Thought he will love you but he did you wrong”. Based on the breakup experience of her friend and her personal experiences, “Cross Roads” projects the idea of “how our battles are different but our emotions are interconnected with whatever we experience in this life”, she said.

“Cross Roads” is an elixir for the emotionally hurting to find the courage to confront their fears, to pick up themselves and say no more, to find solace. Produced by Paabo Official and mastered and mixed by Twisted Waves.

C Note is a Ghanaian alternative rapper. She describes herself as art in human form and a walking music box. She is a 2018 fellow of Black Girls Glow; an initiative to foster collaborations among women artists and explore ways that art can build community. 

Instagram: @c_notegh

Twitter: @c_notegh


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