For Eli A Free “Omon Jara” Is An Alternate Perspective On Wealth

Eli A Free

The idea of wealth generation is one that ripples through all spheres of our lives due to its strong influence over our lives. Coming out of his first project of the year Eli A Free, musician and songwriter has a lot on our view of wealth and its influences. 

Approaching the subject from an alternate perspective Eli A Free speaks of the ever-changing value of money and its role in our lives. “Money. I speak not of it solely because in my view we haven’t well and truly understood what it is, What it means, The role it plays And its ever-changing value,” he says.

Eli A Free

Pairing with indie act Worlasi, the duo take a stance to crusade the extensive and intricate connection between wealth and poverty amidst a corrupt society. As Eli A Free explains, “I speak of poverty, The generations born into it, those whose psychology has likened it to the many normalcies of life, the Consequences of our choices, Most often the choices of our parents, Political leadership, And society as a whole.” 


Worlasi opens up saying “Money dey, money no dey still we dey” which is an allusion to the popular narrative concerning wealth. He goes on to detail the struggles of millennials and their challenge of ascending the economic scale. Worlasi touches on the 

Eli A Free however in his verse proselytizes the need for economic emancipation among all classes, while allaying all propaganda that normalizes poverty. With an alluring and irrepressible appeal, “Omon Jara” is the new mantra of millennials. 

“Omon Jara” is produced by Rvdical The Kid and is available on all digital platforms.
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Eli A Free will be embarking on his “Escapism” tour, dates will be announced soon.

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