Is M.anifest Ready To Drop #TheGamble Yet?


It’s been almost three months since M.anifest informed the public about his next project, an EP named “The Gamble”. “The Gamble will be the fifth project of Ghanaian rapper M.anifest and is expected to change the Ghanaian music scene of 2019.

M.anifest stans pushed the God MC to give out more information about the project but he gave them “Rapper 101”, a satirical contrast on the conventional idea of who and what makes a successful rap career. “Rapper 101” is M.anifest’s first single since his November 2018 “Feels”.

The release of “Rapper 101” was induced by M.anifans (Fans of M.anifest) after they took to Twitter to press M.anifest to release further details about the EP. The charge by M.anifans was the embodiment of their thirst for new music from their favourite rapper.
This week the cry for “The Gamble EP” has been launched again. #TheGamble has appeared in Twitter’s trend list at least twice since Sunday after M.anifest tweeted the hashtag.

M.anifest continued to entice his fans by tweeting lyrics of songs of “The Gamble” EP. It seems M.anifans have fallen for the bait since the conversation on #TheGamble has not ended. We expect to hear more details about the EP soon as a popular African proverb says “However long the night, the dawn will break”. Dawn will definitely break on “The Gamble” but until then we wait.


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