Rocky Dawuni Speaks Power To The People In “Elevation” Music Video


Rocky Dawuni has released the music video for “Elevation” of his most recent album “Beats of Zion”. Speaking on the themes of global diversity, love and global unity, Rocky Dawuni in “Elevation” calls for a worldwide awakening to promote peace.

The video is a visual statement of connectivity and inclusion, utilizing multiple locations along the route from Bangalore to Goa, India, Dawuni travels in scenes of an exhilarating feast of colours, sound and spectacle; all propelled by uplifting lyrics and grooves of this Nyayabinghi, Reggae and Pop fusion.

The transitions of these scenes tell a story of oneness regardless of status, indicating the power of collective effort.
Watch video or order here: Rocky Dawuni – Elevation

Rocky’s album Beats of Zion is a refreshing message about global unity and a worldview of oneness. Rocky passionately states, “We live in a time when the elements of international morality need to be proclaimed as a guiding principle for how we engage and deal with each other, between individuals, between communities and among nations. It is a time for global mobilization for action on challenging socio-political issues like the environment and the refugee crisis. Beats of Zion is the drumbeat of war against apathy and re-energizing the forces of love and hope.” He concludes, “Beats of Zion is the rhythm of change beating from a distance and getting louder to awaken positive consciousness.” 

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