Black Girls Glow ’19 Residency Presents “The Light Is Her”; A Call For Visibility Of Women Issues


“come, sit, make a feast of the woman you’re becoming”

– Set & Rise #TheLightIsHer

Black Girls Glow is set to showcase a new collection of works by its 2019 fellows. The title of this year’s body of works is “The Light Is Hers”. The works are based on the theme “Yellow Reform“. Where yellow represents “a call for attention, a request for boldness, a need for tenderness, an ode to visibility; visibility of women issues, women stories and women victories”.

Guided by the light of yellow, the 2019 Black Girls Glow fellows are poet Yaa Addae, vocalist Adjefa, vocalist and poet Raphaela, vocalist and string player Kikie, rapper Elsie Raad and poet Tryphena.

Yaa Addae, Raphaela, Kikie & Elsie Raad, Photographed by Black Image

The album “The Light Is Hers” features 13 songs of collaborations among the 2019 fellows that seeks to bring to light the need for visibility of women creatives. It presents an awesome collection of sounds that warms the heart of its listeners.

Poet and BGG fellow Tryphena Yeboah spoke on the theme of the project, “There are so many societal issues, so many problems within the country that need to be heard of, that need to be spoken about and more often than not these subjects are just left under the shadows. I think yellow reforms is such a brilliant theme to focus on. Where we are given the space and the voice to speak about things that are relevant but are not given the necessary attention”.

Tryphena, Photographed by Urban Culture Gh

Fellow and poet Yaa Addae added: “I like the idea of bringing visibility to things that are not seen and how we can use our voices for causes that are bigger than us but even in our personal lives how we are talking about things that we haven’t previously had space to”.

“There are a lot of female/women creatives in Ghana but in terms of visibility I think even when I think of people of the top of my head I can only go as far so I think the concept is very amazing and very needed.”

Members of the audience of the album’s listening party held at Front/Back Accra, Wednesday, August 31, were set aback to learn that the project was the debut work of the fellows. “The Light Is Hers” album will be released on August 6, 2019.

Adjefa, Photographed by Urban Culture Gh

Black Girls Glow is a platform that aims to raise the profile of female artists locally, regionally and globally by highlighting and show chasing the brilliant and talented young female artists making waves in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

Black Girls Glow is based on the notion that musical collaboration is a uniquely powerful way to connect people across political and cultural barriers. It features a series of activities: a residency and a number of shows, where different female entertainers (musicians, producers, spoken word artists, etc) come together twice a year for both solo and collaborative performances.

Poetra Asantewa after a one-month residency at OneBeat in 2016, realized the need for such programs which cultivate and support artists in Ghana. She decided to replicate the initiative in Ghana, and that gave birth to the Black Girls Glow band of Poetra, Fu, Adomaa, Dzyadzorm, Cina Soul, & Ria Boss and their debut project “Mother of Heirs”.

YoyoTinz notes of Mother Of Heirs as a “genre-bending album – a feat which is analogous to what is arguably the essence of the project: women, (re)creating by defying and subverting.”

The Black Girls Glow project has brought to light some incredible female talents in its three years of being in existence.



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